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hehe.... :) 
03:01pm 04/06/2005
  So the first turbo tercel in Phoenix Arizona is born....

Stock pics... more to come soon...

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08:20pm 11/05/2005
  1994 Celica for sale. There are pictures and information on the car at the following site.

More pictures and information here.
02:12pm 14/01/2005
  When I start my car, 91 celica with 1.6 4, it will smoke sometimes. If I drive it hard, it will smoke sometimes too. Is it the throtle body that needs cleaning or have the 185,000 miles just taken its toll on my car? thanks  
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91 celica advice 
01:55pm 04/01/2005
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Yeah, blah blah, just added this board, I'm new and hoping someone has experience or advice. I have a 91 Celica ST with the basic 1.6 engine. I have thought about working on the engine, but it has 190,000 miles on it (never a problem though!!) I had a mechanic swear to me that if I could find a wrecked Camry with a V6 that ran and had the comp, that he could swap them out no problem.
Will I have to change transmision?? Its an auto, wouldnt mind a stick.
I don't mind cutting, but will the V6 fit in the engine bay?
What affect with the bigger engine have on suspension?

Thanks for entertaining.
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Question about engine imports. 
06:21pm 05/10/2004
  I've looked all around.. and found only one reputable source of engine imports... BYP (http://www.back-yard-productions.com) being my current only source...at $1650 to ship to Arizona.. from Florida. I'm wondering if maybe any of you guys can help me in my quest for an engine...

I'm looking for a 4E-FTE
1.3l 4Cylinder 16 Valve Turbo Charged engine... Stock it comes with a CT-9 Turbo and Top Mount Intercooler.

Or possibly the higher compression non-turboed 5EFHE
1.5l 4Cylinder 16 valve Natural induction engine..

I am looking for complete engine, wiring harness, ECU and transmission. Front clips would be awesome, but not necessary.

Thank you!
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01:37pm 27/04/2004

Hey, I'm Michelle... this is my car...

It's an automatic GT, and has ZERO performance mods, which really really upsets me. I want to put an intake and exhaust, but have no idea where to start looking or which would give me maximum horsepower.


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Recent pics of the car 
11:40pm 28/03/2004

more + 3 picsCollapse )

For those who don't know, that's a toyota aristo V300VE with the famed 2jz-gte engine. Thanks for lookin'.
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01:45am 08/02/2004
  Hey! I've joined this digital contest called ScionSpy. I'm trying to build the longest photo gallery of SCION pictures. By helping me out, we could ALL win great prizes.

E-Mail me for pictures, I have plenty!!! (MichaelQuin928@aol.com)

What's are SCIONS?!? They are the xA, xB and the soon to be released tC, three very cool cars. If you can find one on the road, take a picture of it using your camera phone or digital camera. Or, you can use any digital photo of a SCION as long as it's different from those already in my gallery. Upload from your browser at www.scionspy.com You'll need to get it into my gallery folder using the following Gallery Code: oasis. If you want to upload from your camera phone, email it to pics@scionspy.com or use the following link: http://www.scionspy.com/chain_add.php?passcode=spyme. Just make sure you still register online to be eligible for prizes.

You can only participate once per gallery and don't send in any rude photos that will get us all kicked out of the contest. Just SCIONs please.

The gallery code is: spyme

That's it. Let's go!
post pictures of your car! 
02:17am 16/12/2003
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Wassup folks 
10:09pm 14/12/2003
  New to the community, and here's my car:

As you can probably tell, I don't live in the US. My car is strikingly similar to the Lexus GS300 in the US but it's actually a Toyota Aristo VE here. And it comes with the 3000cc twin turbo 2JZ-GTE engine. Here's a pic of the engine bay. There's some massive engine mods there. You can see more in my LJ.

I reckon I am pretty close to 400rwhp if not more right now. Dyno scans to come soon. Cheers.
04:36pm 07/10/2003
  I have a '01 Corolla CE for sale in the Fort Worth area of Texas.
It has 41K miles and I really need to get rid of it. REALLY need to A.S.A.P.
And I don't want to be loosing any money on it and I would like to sell it for $8500 or so.

I have the ad in the paper, Auto Trader magazine, and on the Auto Trader website. I can't get rid of this thing!

Anyone have any better ideas on selling it? (Or wanna buy it?? ;) Heh...)
Funny Auction!!! 
08:58pm 26/09/2003
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lmao...ok guys I came across this auction on Ebay and I had to post this...its some funny ish...sorry for x-posting I had too...

11:56pm 25/09/2003
  ok i need some help looking for a car in the states...I have been desperatly trying to find out to import but its such a hassle...does anyone know if their are any Toyota Chaser Tourer V around the states...a later model...around 1997...looks like this.

any help would be appreciated thanks...
contact me at CrazyDrifter@flastreetracing.com
10:44pm 04/09/2003
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I have a 92 camry v6le (wishing I had a mt v6se, but hey, they didnt offer them in the states), and I was wondering if I could use pistons from the new 3mz-fe after boring out my 3vz-fe..even though the 3vz has an 82mm stroke and the 3mz has a 83mm stroke?
09:34pm 27/06/2003
  Hey I own a 91 toyota corolla 5spd. Its an awesome lil car kinda high miles but its good. I heard u can put an mr2 engine in them. I would love to get a turbo one of those for me car. So yeah thats a lil bout me!  
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08:24pm 05/05/2003
  well i think that im going to to with the 4age for right now. after that i was thinking of putting a turbo on it. tercel come with about 80-90 hp, when i get this engine it with be around 165hp. the 4age is a 1.6L dohc 20v, and also has stronger internals, so later i could put a turbo on without rebuilding the engine. yes i would like to get a supra but i dont have that kind of money, i did i would already have one.  
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11:42pm 26/04/2003
  i have a tercel, i know that its not fast but its a toyota. i have 17" fondmetal 6700s white rims with yokohama spec 2 tires, r1 racing wing, cai, fireball muffler, pilot steering wheel, i painted the dash white, white decals, awia head deck, jl audio w3 15, pioneer 760 amp, and some other small things. the next thing i want to do is get a new car or go for the 4age engine swap. its not a bad car i just that its not fast enough.  
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03:56pm 08/04/2003
  i just start this community today for toyota owners. i thought that just a toyota community would be good to have.  
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